Rodolfo Miani

In Conversation: Rodolfo Miani, Architect Of The New Aston Martin Residences, Miami.

May. 12th, 2022

With its striking sail-shaped design, the awards-winning Aston Martin Residences in Miami is redefining the city’s skyline as the tallest residential building south of New York upon its completion at the end of 2022. Aston Martin Residences Miami is the world’s first real estate venture by the British automotive icon, and has already received the award for Best International Residential High-Rise Development at The International Property Awards, 2021.  

Rodolfo Miani, its lead architect, is the first ever to be commissioned by Aston Martin in its 109-year history.  The Aston Martin Residences in Miami, is currently in its final phase of construction, where Rodolfo and his company BMA as worked in conjunction with the Aston Martin design team in the UK, led by Marek Reichman, the EVP and Chief Creative Officer for Aston Martin.  Both teams have worked on the interior design elements compliment the architectural scope of this exceptional building.


Aston Martin Residences

Since 2015, both teams have worked to develop the 66-story structural masterpiece of glass and steel, perched on the last parcel of waterfront property in the heart of downtown Miami, where the Miami River meets Biscayne Bay. 

With a total of 391 residences, 391 condominiums 7 Penthouses and one Triplex Penthouse, the building sets the global benchmark in luxury residential design, featuring panoramic vistas of Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The jewel in the crown is the Triplex Penthouse -- a three-floor residence, spanning a total of 27,191 square feet of living space, situated at the apex of the building.

Shared amenities --a gym, spinning studio, boxing gym, virtual golf room, private dining room, catering kitchen, business center, kids’ playroom, two cinemas, a full-service spa and beauty salon--will spread over 42,275 square feet between the 52nd and 55th floors, connected by a glass staircase. Then, a 52nd floor gallery will have a rotating collection of contemporary art, while the extended deck of the 55th floor holds an infinity pool, sky bar and lounge. A private deep-water marina, the only one in downtown Miami, is nearby.

Speaking of his collaboration with Aston Martin, Miani says, “It’s been a joy to bring our shared vision to life. The wind coming from the ocean, to and through this glorious waterside location, inspired us to create a building reminiscent of the sail of a memorable ship. Yet, Aston Martin’s design language also defines the elite automobile spirit and can be felt everywhere throughout the development. The shape of the building with the curve at the top confirms that every residence possesses grand views, including the penthouses -- all having 360-degree views of Biscayne Bay, the Atlantic, and the city of Miami.”

Since the 1990s, Rodolfo has been considered one of the most acclaimed architects in South America, overseeing BMA’s main offices in Buenos Aires, where more than 140 design professionals are employed. BMA also operates in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Colombia and The United States. 

JustLuxe was grateful to communicate with Rodolfo about this substantial project, projected to be finished by year’s end, 2022.

JustLuxe: If there were challenges in creating/architecting the forms and functions of the  Aston Martin Residences, what was the most complex?

Aston Martin Residences

Rodolfo: There were certain challenges that had to be overcome, and the most important to me was the architectural joining of two worlds. The elite Aston Martin brand was one, but also, since some of the residences were over water, and there were ubiquitous water views, there had to be a nautical theme also, and in both worlds, both souls had to unite. 

JustLuxe: And how did that happen? 

Rodolfo: My team and I had to know and feel two things: the soul of the water and the soul of the car. Actually, the challenge was to infuse and then reproduce the soul of the car, with its unique sounds, senses, and scents.

JustLuxe: Can you explain further?

Rodolfo: The form of the building had to catch, or define, the spirit of the car. It is a tall building – actually when finished it will be the tallest south of New York City. We put the speed, the flexibility, the sense of the Aston Martin brand throughout the exterior design, as well as with the interior design. Even the door handles on the residences are an homage to the door handles on the Aston Martins. Such attention to internal detail of the residences matched the external detail of the building. 

Aston Martin Residences

JustLuxe: We have read there are many unique dimensions to the Aston Martin Residences. What are most interesting, in your opinion? 

Rodolfo: One of the most unique is how many of the lower floor residences are over the water.  This means if they own a yacht, they are able to dock it very close to their residence.  Second, the exclusive penthouse residence at the building’s apex has three floors – 63-65, is over 27,000 square feet, more of a privileged estate, with never-ending ocean, bay and city views.

JustLuxe: What do you think your role is as major architect is in this exceptional project? It has been said that great design is intelligence made visible. How have you aided in making this project visible?

Rodolfo: I have said, many times, that I am comparable to two things: And diverse things!  One, a baker making a cake with many ingredients, and the other, the conductor of a great orchestra. In both cases, a conductor or baker, I am responsible for many diverse sounds and tastes, and at the end, responsible for the final sounds or tastes of the production. In my case as the architect of this great project, the diverse aspects of the building, of amenity, of floorplan, of exterior design, all have to coalesce to make a building that is saleable, and at the end of the day, so impressive as to be unforgettable.




Aston Martin Residences
Aston Martin Residences

Indor Swimming Pool, Aston Martin Residences

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